Weather Station – Kühlhaus Berlin

Part of SLUICE Exchange 2018, a peripatetic biennial expo which brings together 20 visiting galleries and projects from around the globe, this latest edition of the Weather Station focuses on the work of four British artists currently based in the UK, Sweden and USA.

Messages From Friends – Cardiff 2018

Tom Smith’s performance Messages from Friends charts his relationship with TV from the age of 12. Over the course of 35 minutes Tom stitches together personal anecdotes to talk about a wider range of subjects such as nostalgia, stagecraft, and spectatorship.

Od Arts Festival 2018

Od Arts Festival is a new contemporary arts festival in rural Somerset.

Build Your Own Art World Seminar

Build Your Own Art World brought together artists, curators and cultural producers in rural Somerset to consider: What does it mean to be artist-led? Is there an alternative to a global gallery system? How do you build your own art world?


Ropewalkers brings together new work by artists Jo Ball, Andy Parker and Simon Whetham made in response to the architecture, history and materials of Dawe’s Twineworks Museum and social history project.

‘Droppers’ The Lobster Trap 2016

In 1965 Gene Bernofsky, Jo Ann Bernofsky and Clark Richet graduates of the University of Kansas desired to live and work together free from the hierarchies and restrictions of mainstream life so moved to a plot of land near Trinidad Colorado and built an experimental settlement they named ‘Drop City.’

Invisible Landscapes

A one day Seminar Exploring embedded approaches to place-based contemporary art practice.

Weather Station (Part 1)

The landscape is punctuated by a giant golf ball. Balanced on a platform of scaffold it has the best of views. For years I have passed at speed, attracted to its simplicity of form, an historical vision of a future architecture.

Uneven Territories

Uneven Territories is an exhibition of new and previously unseen paintings and drawings that, alongside key work made since 2006, forms an uncensored view of Michael Calver’s output.

The Lobster Trap

BRG Collective’s occupation of the OSR Project Space explores the hypothetical notion of what it would be like for this geographically dispersed artist group to share a collective studio.


Mediators is a video installation by Kyiv based artist collective R.E.P. Group (Revolutionary Experimental Space).