Kiln Hire

Chieftain TL128
Internal dimensions: 530 mm x 570mm or 21” x 22.5
Max temp: 1300°C

Please contact to discuss your project then we can work out how much kiln space you will require. Email or call 01935 862201

Bisque Earthenware/Stoneware

Full Kiln £33

Half Kiln £20

Glaze Earthenware

Full Kiln £40

Half Kiln £23

Glaze Stoneware

Full Kiln £46

Half Kiln £30

Please note: All customers will be required to sign a firing agreement before leaving your work. Whilst every care is taken in firing your work, please remember that handmade ceramics can be subject to cracking during firing. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to your work resulting from firing.


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