OSR Projects connects people through artist-led activity – exploring new ways to see, hear, feel
and think.

From our base in rural Somerset, we have produced ambitious, playful and socially-engaged art projects since 2011, in the South West and further afield.

We place people at the centre of artistic activity through creative partnerships, community collaboration, and diverse modes of engagement.

Past projects include Weather Station (2015-16), a mobile pavilion for the collection of images and objects inspired by the beautiful and broken landscapes of the South West; Ropewalkers (2016), an art programme responding to the architecture, history and materials of the historic Dawes’ Twineworks; and the biennial Od Arts Festival which emerges from and between the neighbouring villages of East and West Coker.

In 2019 OSR Projects registered as a community interest company, with a specific mission to support artists and local communities where our activities take place.

Lobster Trap - BRG Photograph Simon Lee Dicker

“OSR Projects are a whirl of positive activity, who can be relied upon to achieve interesting experiences and projects which challenge the norm, explore ideas sensitively with real rigour and are a valuable and well-loved arts partner.”

– Sandy Kirkby, Creative Producer, b-side



“The weekend perfectly summed up for me what art should be about (but so often isn’t): ambitious, creative, inclusive, unscripted, puzzling, challenging and funny. You spawned an amazing thing: I hope you are all proud parents!”

– Artist, Od Arts Festival 2018

“It is so rare to have experimental, risk-taking and yet accessible arts events that appeal to both established artists and a community who may not be involved in the arts otherwise. A festival like this creates conversation, forms bonds, offers exposure to new ideas and experiences, broadening people’s horizons and turns challenge into a form of fun.”

– Volunteer, Od Arts Festival 2018