Od Arts Festival 2018 - The Art of Rivalry

The inaugural Od Arts Festival happened over the weekend of 11-13 May 2018 across East and West Coker in South Somerset. The festival took its name from the Od: the crooked stream that meanders through the two neighbouring villages.

In 2018, Od Arts Festival took the theme of rivalry: commissioning and presenting a programme of public artworks, performances, painting, sculpture and video works that explored artistic, romantic and neighbourly frictions. The project was led by OSR Projects and devised in collaboration with a range of local partners.

Curator – Simon Lee Dicker

Co- curator – Bob Gelsthorpe

Read the evaluation report here

Od Arts Festival - The Art of Rivalry 2018. Photograph: Brendan Buesnel
Od Arts Festival - The Art of Rivalary 2018. Photograph: Jon England
Od Arts Festival 2018. Photograph: Jon England

Sadie Hennessy

Janet Sainsbury

Tom Smith

Phil Owen

TIm Bromage

Peter Chesbrough & Laura Hopes

Melville Mitchell

Nicola Bealing

Megan Calver & Gabrielle Hoad

Isobel Adderley

Andy Parker

Wassail Theatre

Double Elephant Print workshop

Rachael Allain

Kevin Hunt

Kate Stapely


Zoe walker & Neil Bromwich


Od 2018_SadieHennessy_JonEngland

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