Territory – Barreiro, Lisbon
November 2022

Organised by SLUICE (UK) and PADA (Portugal) and run in conjunction with Lisbon Art Weekend, Territory brought together 32 artist and curator-led projects from 17 countries showing over 80 artists in 17 venues throughout Barreiro, Lisbon.

 “Territory refers to possession, conflict and control, it speaks of history and consequences. Territory is managed space; marked for development or protected or exploited for raw materials, used to displace, or contain it is socially constructed. The production of Territory is the institutionalisation of space to achieve control. Territory manifests a slow transgenerational violence.”  SLUICE

Artists Simon Lee Dicker  and Andy Parker represented OSR Projects and were in residence in Barreiro during November 2022. Drawing parallels between subterranean and navigated world and the cultural legacy brought about through colonisation both artists made new work that was exhibited across two venues (PADA studios and PADB).


Simon Lee Dicker. see-an-enemy, 2022 (detail) Fired and unfired clay, powdered chalk, iron balls Dimensions variable


Andy Parker. Sailing Equipped (open gratings, divisions or bulkheads in a greater number than are necessary), 2022 Cardboard, tape, household paint, plastic bags Dimensions variable