Palaces & Cabins is a project instigated by OSR Projects for Salisbury Art Centre (SAC), bringing together a number of artists, curators and cultural producers to work as a collaborative group. It explores the intersection of public/private space with a focus on the architecture that stands between us, and brings us together.

As part of the project, the group are looking for your personal interpretation of a Palace or Cabin. This could be an existing building (ie. house, shed, castle, workplace, school etc.) or an imagined structure. Images submitted will be used by the group to produce ceramic model versions in SAC’s Pottery Studio, which will be displayed as part of a public exhibition at SAC from 11 April – 18 May 2014. Everybody who submits an image will receive a free copy of the Palaces & Cabins publication.

To get involved, please email the following to by 5pm, 28th March 2014.

-Up to 4 photos/drawings of your Palace or Cabin (jpeg format max. 5mb).

-If it is a real building, please tell us the location.

You can also tweet your images using the hashtag #palaces&cabins

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