Palaces & Cabins is a project instigated by OSR Projects for Salisbury Art Centre, bringing together a number of artists, curators and cultural producers to work as a collaborative group. It explores the intersection of public/private space with a focus on the architecture that stands between us, and brings us together.

As part of the project, and following in the footsteps of many new architects, we would like to invite 20 of you to ‘craft your own palace or cabin on our very own Palaces & Cabins, Minecraft realm. It could be an existing building or it could be an imagined structure created on our dedicated realm. The realm will be live at Salisbury Arts Centre from 11 April – 18 May 2014 and displayed as part of a public exhibition.

To receive your invite, please email: with your name and Minecraft user name.

Examples of what can be achieved can be found at: