Palaces & Cabins Special Event This Sunday 27 April 10am – 3pm, Including a live performance by Megan Calver, a chance to build your own digital Palace or Cabin on the OSR Projects Minecraft realm and get your hands dirty making a clay Palace or Cabin.

Palaces & Cabins has been developed in partnership with Salisbury Art Centre and brings together OSR Projects associates to work as a collaborative group within the social and cultural framework of the art centre and its broader geographical context. The exhibition explores the intersection of public/private space with a focus on the architecture that stands between us, and brings us together.

This will also be a chance to meet the creative team including Sam Aldridge, Tom Bayliss, Megan Calver, Fiona Cassidy, Leela Clarke, Simon Lee Dicker, Cara Lockley and Tim Martin.

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