As part of Od Arts Festival 2020: Alone with Everybody, The Walking Reading Group (TWRG) invite you to explore aspects of loneliness and isolation. Selected texts offer different ways of thinking and consider the loneliness of digital hyper-connectivity, rural remoteness and artists’ experiences of solitude.

Initially intended to lead to a series of intimate exchanges over a two hour walk during the festival, TWRG have offered to share their selections with you now.

Please sign up via Eventbrite to receive a pdf and/or an audio recording of the selected texts read aloud by OSR Projects director, Rowan Lear.

If you can, join us for a walk and talk in the Somerset landscape when the festival is reconvened this Autumn. Share your thoughts with us or just enjoy this series of texts that are particularly relevant to the times we are living in now.

About the artists

The Walking Reading Group facilitates the exchange of knowledge in an intimate and dynamic way, by discussing texts while walking together. TWRG is run by Lydia Ashman and Ania Bas.