Territory refers to possession, conflict and control, it speaks of history and consequences. Territory is managed space; marked for development or protected or exploited for raw materials, used to displace or contain it is socially constructed. The production of Territory is the institutionalisation of space to achieve control. Territory manifests a slow transgenerational violence.  SLUICE

SLUICE and PADA are bringing together an interdisciplinary selection of artist and curator-led projects to explore the impact and interconnections of the ecological, environmental and political consequences of this violence.

OSR Projects artists Andy Parker and Simon Lee Dicker will be in residence in Lisbon from the 1 November making new work that will be exhibited in conjunction with Lisbon Art Weekend.

a pile of unfired sphires clay, grey in colour with a yellow dust
Simon Lee Dicker – ‘see-an-enemy’ work in progress
3 gates made to look real leaning up against each other, rusted brown colour
Andy Parker – ‘Home’, work in progress