Angela standing with Flynn her guide dog, in front of a huge blue noticeboard
Angela Charles and Flynn


Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 1989, Angela Charles (also known as Angela Blackwell) has combined her career as an award winning Curator with that of a visual artist. From regular shows in St Ives to commissions for a high profile exhibition in Milan, Angela has achieved commercial success with her paintings drawn from her memories of place.  And yet, unbeknown to purchasers of her work and the galleries that represent her, for the last ten years Angela has been losing her sight. Angela has felt alone with what she refers to as her ‘guilty secret’ still painting and exhibiting whilst denying the existence of her Blindness and her Guide Dog to buyers and galleries. It is only now, after much personal turmoil, she has decided to ‘come out as a Blind painter’.  Angela is working with OSR Projects to develop a new project around this experience, collaborating with filmmaker Liberty Smith, and opening an exhibition in Autumn 2020. Find out more.