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“The human impulse – to separate and measure a constantly changing world – is critical to our present understanding of and reaction to climate change”

Measured and sampled by the Weather Station-come-trundle-wheel and the requirement to stop for ‘fresh air’, durational audio recordings will attempt to ‘hear’ the erosion in pebble size as Elaine Fisher walks along Chesil Beach, using the sphere to separate pebble sounds from the predominant sound of the wind and crashing waves.  How will the recordings ‘hear’ the change in pebble size?  By their duration or differing content?  Or will the protective bubble completely deny what lies outside?

Elaine Fisher’s Weather Station will be on Chesil Beach this Monday 9 May starting around 10am near the Cove House Inn, Portland, Dorset.

Elaine was selected to take part in the Weather Station Project by b-side and OSR Projects.