The Od Local Committee joined by festival curators
From top left: Ross Aitken, Jo Bickerton, Vickie Fear and Simon Lee Dicker (festival co-curators), Alex Bickerton, Ella Kearvell, Beth House and Esme House.

To help make Od Arts Festival happen, we’re drawing on the energy, experience and expertise of our neighbours and champions.

We are delighted to announce that six of OSR Projects’ biggest supporters (and critics!) in our local area have agreed to form a committee to support and guide us over the next year.

A warm welcome to: Ross Aitken, Alex Bickerton, Jo Bickerton, Beth House, Esme House and Ella Kearvell!

The committee includes two young creatives who are about to start arts
degrees; one who completed her arts degree at the age of 83; a top-hat-wearing geologist and museum director; and a couple of physicians who have attended almost all of our exhibitions and events since 2011.

Here’s what the Bickertons have said about our work:

“It’s not ‘art’ art. OSR shows are always challenging and thought-provoking. Indeed, we never know what to expect – although straightforward paintings or sculpture rarely feature!”

Our local committee will be joined next year with our small team of dedicated volunteers, who will help us prepare, install, promote and welcome visitors to Od Arts Festival 2020.

Interested in getting involved? Please email