Image credit: Pauline Burr

Volunteering at Od Arts Festival 2021 -UPDATE

Would you like to be part of an exciting programme of exhibitions, events and workshops, share your knowledge, learn new skills, challenge yourself and make new friends?

This year the festival will take the title of Alone With Everybody with art works, films and performances exploring the ideas, politics and experiences of solitude, loneliness and isolation. It’s a theme that is really relevant to our local area, addressing the problems as well as possibilities of rural isolation. It also resonates globally, with the spread of isolationist politics and social media filter bubbles.

Od Arts Festival will be taking place on 28-30 May 2021. We’re looking to fill a number of roles including exhibition stewards, local guides and artist assistants.

All volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about contemporary art, how to support artists, welcome visitors and facilitate interesting conversations throughout the festival. Training will include an introduction to the exhibition and its artists, delivered by festival curators Simon Lee Dicker, (Artist/OSR Projects Director) and Vickie Fear (Curator)

Anyone interested in applying to join the volunteer team, please contact Chantelle 01935 862201 for an informal chat about how you can get involved. I promise no volunteer was hurt whilst taking this photograph!

“Living locally it was great to get to meet other local people who I had not met previously. Gave a real sense of community.”

Festival Volunteer

“It was a great chance to get people around the local area (Coker/Yeovil) to engage in an event and learn more about their area and interact with their neighbours they may not have met. Created a great community atmosphere.”

Festival Volunteer

“Volunteering helped me to build my confidence in taking to new people.”

Festival Volunteer